About Me


​I decided it was time to get my first ever massage, I was excited and looking forward to a nice experience.

I walked in and was greeted by a lovely receptionist and relaxing atmosphere. I completed my consultation form, which the Therapist didn't really look at and shown a room. I was then left in the room - At this point, I was very confused, was I meant to get undressed? How undressed? Do I go under the sheets or over?


Luckily I decided to undress to my comfort level and under the sheet. The Therapist knocked, I said come in and the massage began. During the massage, I wasn't asked how the massage was, at times it was too light and at other times it was too much.

I walked out vowing to never get a massage again.


I suffered from back pain for 7 years and have been provided with pain killers and stretches from my GP. Okay, it helped... a little... sometimes.

My friend's mother had a massage business from her home, I decided to give massage a go again. This time the consultation was detailed and the Massage Therapist went through everything with me, I felt at ease and confident.

During the massage, the Therapist made sure the pressure was okay and I felt comfortable talking while being massaged (I am one of those chatty clients).  After the first session, my back felt so good! I could not believe it.

After a few months of monthly massages, my back felt fantastic and I made the career-changing move to qualify in Massage.

Why? - I wanted to help people like I was helped.


I started my career-changing move with the Cheltenham School of Complementary Therapy & Beauty studying Swedish Massage and Indian Head Massage. Here I learnt all the skills required to provide a holistic and relaxing massage to my clients.

During my time with my clients, it became clear that they would benefit from a deeper massage than I was providing. I took a course in London for a Diploma in Advanced and Deep Tissue Massage. Deep Tissue Massage has been fantastic for my clients and they love it!

Hot Stone Massage has always interested me and I have had a few which I have really enjoyed, so back to Cheltenham School of Complementary Therapy & Beauty to complete a Hot Stone Massage Course. This treatment has been great for my clients who have problems sleeping at night. It is also very popular in the colder months.

My love for helping people led me to complete a Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy with the Cotswold Academy. This course has allowed me to understand the muscles in the body, what they do, and most importantly, how I can help my clients with this knowledge.

With all of my experience, my style of massage combines the clinical side of Sports Massage Therapy and the relaxation of Swedish Massage. This combination helps my clients with their pain, as well as leaving my clinic feeling refreshed and relaxed. 



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