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Covid-19 Update

Updated: Jul 17

It has been a strange few months not being able to massage! I have supplied online consultations for many of my clients to help them through any pain they may have, this has now turned to my FREE PHONE CONSULTATION. If you have never seen me or are wondering whether I can help, please book in a phone consultation by CLICKING HERE!

To help keep my clients as safe as possible, the following are in place:

  • Hand washing before a treatment, after a treatment and after cleaning.

  • Hand sanitising when I walk in the treatment room and before I walk out (if a sink is not in the room).

  • Visor and mask to be worn by me during every appointment.

  • Clients to complete online or phone consultation to minimise contact time between me and the client.

  • Limiting number of people in the treatment room by not having "guests" or relatives unless necessary.

  • Deep clean of treatment room, including doors, between every client.

  • All towels and linen to be only used once.

  • No face or scalp massage, including Indian-Head Massage.

Many of these I already implemented before Covid-19, so wasn't much of a change for me.





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