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Runner's Knee

As I write this post, I am recovering from runners knee, also known as iliotibial band syndrome. The pain I had was extreme, to the point I couldn't walk very well, luckily for me massage can help!

Symptoms and Causes

This conditions usually presents itself as localised lateral knee pain, which can be aggravated by activity such as running or cycling. The pain can also go as far up as the hip or downward towards the fibula or lateral shin region. Swelling may also be present and you may find it painful walking down stairs (like I did).

The main cause of this condition is over training or excessive overload of training. It is therefore important to not over train and gradual increase training to help prevent runner's knee.


Sports or deep tissue massage can be used to reduce tension in the associated muscles of the iliotibial band. Massage treatment should cover the iliotibial band, quadriceps, adductors, hamstring muscle groups and the gluteus medius and minimum.

Rest is important to ensure adequate time for the pain to minimise and the area to heal. Active people may find rest difficult, it is advisable to avoid exercises that involve the hips such as running or cycling and switch to upper body exercise.

Self-treatment is also possible between massage sessions using a myofascial release ball. Rolling the ball with firm pressure over the muscles at the front of the hip, TFL, quadriceps, side of the hips, down the iliotibial band and over the gluteal muscles.

Stretches are also great to help with treatment, please note I do not own the below video and am not affiliated with the creators what-so-ever.


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