Swedish Massage

Sports Massage

I use Massage Therapy and Rehabilitation to help reduce your pain



Your consultation will start with me asking you some questions about your overall health and what you hope to achieve from our sessions together. During the consultation I may assess your range of movement and review your posture. This will allow me to understand where your pain is coming from and create a treatment plan that will target those areas.


You will be asked to lay on a heated, comfortable massage table and cover yourself with a towel. During your massage I will check in on you to ensure the pressure being used isn't too strong or too weak and you feel comfortable. My priority is your comfort and you enjoy the massage, please don't be afraid to speak up about any aspect of your treatment.


Rehabilitation is an important aspect of your treatment plan and gives you the power to manage your symptoms at home. After your massage I will supply you with a bespoke self-care rehabilitation plan which we will review after each session to ensure it is working for you and around your lifestyle.


I also offer a Free Consultation where we go through the consultation as mentioned above, skip the treatment, and I provide you with a bespoke self-care rehabilitation plan.


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